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VITALity for the Future

This is a website that offers free flexible learning materials developed for you to train young people in Vocational Education and Training & existing employees in the vitality sector. 


Why is vitality and positive health so important?

The rapidly ageing European population is presenting & highlighting new social & health issues as well as putting a huge strain on health resources. Governments cannot afford year on year increases in funding for health facilities & community care. Positive health improves well-being, the quality of life & the possibility of ageing happily. 

The Context

How Positive Health Initiatives Can Help


the provision should be about prevention rather than cure. 


preventative provision should adopt a holistic approach: individuals adopting a healthier lifestyle combined with & complemented by a supportive social environment.  


VITALity Products

If you are a teacher in vocational education, a teacher trainer, a professional in well-being & health, a policy maker, then here you will find newly developed resources in vitality that aim for all young people to possess a better approach to healthy ageing, to be catalysts of change & to make working in this sector more attractive. Do look at the extensive & engaging bank of learning materials for citizenship programmes. The VITALity materials have been developed through robust research in five European countries & are based on the knowledge & competences this approach requires for young people in VET & staff in continuous training.  

At the core of the project is the work of the Institute of Positive Health & the VITALity Lab at ROC Midden Nederland. A virtual tour of the VITALity Lab can be seen here: 

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Competence Framework

 A ViTALity Competence Framework 


Learning materials

Learning materials for Vitality Professionals


Citizenship materials

Vitality training programmes in Citizenship Education for all students  


Teacher Training

Teacher training workshop materials for Vitality tutors 



Crossover Vitality programmes