Learning Materials in Positive Health for Citizenship Education

VITALity Learning Materials in Positive Health for Citizenship Education, are based on the 6 positive health principles suitable for use with all VET students in initial & continuous training. The short session programmes
employ interactive video, guest speakers, PDFs & DOC for optimum student engagement.

A PDF booklet presents the content & availability of accompanying relevant digital resources. Download booklet – pdf file (english)

A wide range of workshops are offered. The teacher can choose a workshop appropriate to, for example, a group of students or a current situation or a theme. The lessons give the teacher tools to encourage students to think critically about each topic and to increase their awareness.


The grocery store jungle

Building Resilience: empathy


The power of your mindset

Healthand mental disorder, diversity and inclusion


Out of your head and into your body

How to sleep

How to sleep

Master your stress

Drugs in the city

Young people and alcohol in traffic

Mastering fear

Emotional balance and mental health

The gender blender

Self care in every aria of your life

Pupils learn to say "stop" or "no"

The leisure cake

Digital balance

Competences for active citizenship and democracy learning.

A good talk for you and me

This is me

Initiating more movement in everyday life and documenting everyday routes in a playful way

Financial consultant at any age!

Exploring cultural diversity at european level

Self Confidence

Healthcare, food and movement

Deal with stress

Motivation and focus

Healthy eating

Maintaining ability to work and wellbeing at work/take care of their health and functional capacity

IKIGAI - The Japanise secret to a long and healthy lyfe


• Feeling healthy
• Feeling fit
• No physical complaints and/or pain
• Sleeping
• Eating
• Sexuality
• Physical condition
• Physical activity


• Being able to remember things
• Being able to concentrate
• Being able to communicate
• Being cheerful
• Accepting yourself
• Being able to handle change
• Feeling in control
• Physical activity


• Having a meaningul life
• Having a zest for life
• Pursuing ideals
• Feeling confident
• Accepting life
• Being grateful
• Lifelong learning


• Enjoyment
• Being happy
• Feeling good
• Feeling well-balanced
• Feeling safe
• Intimacy
• Housing circumstances
• Having enough money


• Social contacts
• Being taken seriously
• Doing fun things together
• Having the support from others
• Sense of belonging
• Doing meaningful things
• Being interested in society


• Taking care of yourself
• Knowing your limitations
• Knowledge of health
• Managing time
• Managing money
• Being able to work
• Being able to ask for help