VITALity the Project

How VITALity for the Future will help

The VITALity project partners are very much aware that changes need to take place in vocational education where qualifications are still very traditionally structured. They do not take into account the important overlap and potential of studies such as health and social care, sports and beauty (in this project termed the Vitality sector).

A huge opportunity exists to provide more relevant VET courses in the Vitality sector as well as awareness programmes in positive health for all VET students.

VITALity the Project

What the VITALity Project aims to do

The main aim of VITALity is to develop flexible learning materials to prepare new and present staff in the vitality sector for a better approach to healthy ageing, to be catalysts of change and to make working in this sector more attractive to young people.

Healthcare staff must have the knowledge to employ prevention skills, technology as part of care delivery, multidisciplinary working, and the skills to encourage and enable people to increasingly take control of their own care.

Through research in the 5 partner countries, learning materials will be developed based on the knowledge and competences this approach requires for young people in VET and staff in continuous training. The research and the learning materials will highlight best practice in positive health initiatives that are relevant to VET organisations.