The Netherlands

ROC Midden Nederland

RROC Midden Nederland is one of the largest providers of vocational and adult education in the Netherlands with 20.000 students and 1700 employees. It is situated in the centre of the Netherlands with its main locations in Utrecht, Nieuwegein and Amersfoort.

It offers vocational education in over 300 different qualifications both full-time as well as apprenticeships ranging from technical courses to social care and health care; sports & beauty to administration and tourism. These courses are arranged in 12 vocationally oriented colleges such as the Engineering College, Health Care College, Business & Administration College. There is also a Second Change (VAVO) College.

Vocational courses are generally available at three levels of which the highest gives access to universities of applied science. The college also offers many courses for employed and unemployed staff mainly at the request of business sectors. It develops specific courses for sectors at a national level employing upskilling as well as reskilling tools.


Associate Partners

Gemeente Utrecht Public Health Department


Gemeente Utrecht
Public Health Department, Municipality of Utrecht

The municipality of Utrecht aims at providing Healthy Urban Living for All. The Public Health Department promotes health and health equity in order to create health benefits and reduce health inequalities. This is achieved in close cooperation with NGO’s, knowledge institutions, social partners and citizens. Our professionals work with colleagues on urban development, social policies and health promotion.

Youth health care and care for the homeless is also provided within the city. The health situation of our citizens is monitored and data is provided on public health for policy making and implementation.


Careyn is an active social enterprise that is committed to the health and well-being of our clients, young and old, healthy or vulnerable.

When needed, skilled and committed healthcare professionals are available to provide help and support.
Careyn works together with other healthcare providers, volunteers, and the local community.