The Context

Why Is It Important To Promote Positive Health?

The European population is ageing rapidly and putting a huge strain on health resources as well as presenting new social issues. Growing old inevitably means developing a range of health issues that require regular care through local community provision, attendance at health clinics or hospital admittance. At the same time these health issues, together with the impact of COVID19, are related to and accompanied by mental health and social problems such as loneliness.

Governments cannot afford year on year increases in funding for health facilities & community care. This situation is exacerbated by the shortage of qualified care staff.

VITALity Lab

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At the core of the project is the work of the Institute of Positive Health and the Vitality Lab at ROC Midden Nederland. A virtual tour of the VITALity Lab can be seen here:

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The Context

How Positive Health Initiatives Can Help

Two main developments are now recognised as low cost effective means of addressing these health care challenges.


provision should be about prevention rather than cure.


preventative provision should adopt a holistic approach: individuals adopting a healthier life style combined with and complemented by a supportive social environment. This means not only avoiding unhealthy habits such as smoking or alcohol or a lack of physical activity but also strongly to mental well-being, social interaction and being challenged intellectually, socially and physically.